Baju Kurung: A Versatile Outfit for Women Throughout the Ages

03 Aug 2021 14:05

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Baju Kurung is really a traditional women's attire worn by the ethnic Malays and Minangkabau ladies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and southern Thailand. It is really a loose-fitting, full-length dress that's the national dress for Malaysia and Brunei, and a regional dress in the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Most women adorn the Baju Kurung for formal events such as for instance weddings and anniversary parties as well as for traditional ceremonies. Baju Kurung may be used for work, and personal uses where its flexibility is celebrated but stylish clothing never disappoints. Hailed together of the most popular traditional attires for girls of most cultures and religious backgrounds, the Baju Kurung has been adapted to evolve with the requirements and demands of the current woman. Baju Kurung is useful for work interviews and is also considered as a decent and appropriate attire without sacrificing beauty, class and elegance.

The Modern Baju Kurung

But not traditionally sewn to be tight around a women's body, the current Baju Kurung is taking small steps in this direction, while still maintaining its stance as a decent attire. Used by women across ages, the Baju Kurung could be altered and styled using one's favorite accessories to brighten the appearance and make the colors pop. An average traditional Baju Kurung are available from online stores and various styles and materials give women countless options to choose from. The Baju Kurung could be dressed with stylish and not-over-the-top accessories such as for instance a silver bangle, a straightforward gold necklace and beautiful silver rings on a woman's fingers. baju kurung

Years Of Culture, Passed Down To The Society

The costume components of the Baju Kurung remains the same as it had been years ago, with the Baju, Sarong, Kain Dagang and the Scarf being the most crucial components. A Baju Kurung moden normally features bright, lively colors and geometrical patterns with silk and satin being the more popular choices for material. Although Baju Kurung has evolved much from the past, Baju Kurung is commonly paired with the selendang and brooches to complete one's look, worn along with a sarong. The sarong could be tied in a mode referred to as the “ikatan ombak mengalun” where in fact the knot is tied at one side of the sarong, depending on the wearer's preference. This style of wearing the Baju Kurung and the sarong is on the basis of the wearer's convenience as well, as some prefer to own it on the best end. In the past, the village women would cover their heads every time they are out in sunlight with a kain kelubung as a shade from the blazing sun. To make the Baju Kurung much more comfortable to be utilized throughout the hot summer weather of Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and southern Thailand.

Set alongside the tight-fitting Baju Kebaya, the Baju Kurung is more appropriate, demure and conservative. However, it's still very elegant and classy. Sometimes, the sarong may also be worn over the Baju Kurung, typically tied at the waist level. This type of wearing the sarong is known as the kain berdangang luar, usually made up of kain telepok, songket, gerus or kain batik. Beautiful and elegant Baju Kurung are available online in Malaysian handmade stores, where the quality of the materials is guaranteed for a smooth and well-put attire. This traditional dress form is well-known for its conservative style, without sacrificing the elegance of the overall look.

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